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Management System

Swift & Agile

Made For Every Project Manager

Easier than you think, more than you expect

A responsive framework of interactive features that lets you control any project right from the conceptualization till the execution and closure. Whether it’s organizing the tasks, planning future projects, forecasting project needs, setting realistic deadlines, analyzing the workload, sharing data or maintaining an open and timely communication, you can count on our flexible, versatile and radically simple project management solution.

Forget those dull and mind-numbing project management approaches; harness the power of visual information with your project details and specifications to give your team a clear understanding of what, when & how of your project while they are it.


What you can Expect:



Best For

Construction Management

Event Management

Services Organizations

Key Product Features


Better View, Smarter Analysis

Customizable Kanban view that you can use for grouping tasks with preferred criteria, all while analyzing performances.


 Modern User Interface

Fast & interactive interface and get all the information instantly. Option to fully customize as per your preferences.


Manage Tasks

Manage project details and documents related to tasks, issues and projects. Track, record and analyze, all on one platform.


Real Time Collaborations

Assign separate email to each project, add recipients to tasks. Follow tasks & get custom alerts for every activity.


Customer Portal Access Capability

Smooth Sales

Manage contracts, create tasks, access sales orders & conure customized processes.

Easily track timeline progress and deadlines, keep a track of your tasks and more.


Made For The Movers

Do all of your work while you’re out and about.


Flawless Reporting

Use set dashboards or create themfor seamless reporting. Get real time statistics too.

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