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Why COVID-19 crisis is the right time to invest in ERP

COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by quite the storm. With the whole world in a complete lockdown, SMEs and mega businesses alike are worried about their future. This hasn’t stopped people from working but this has certainly caused a myriad of businesses to go out of business. The world economy is expected to shrink by 1% by the end of 2020. Evident from the current demographic of the market, a lot of businesses, even the ones that have traditionally always been looked after manually, have migrated to automation and seeking help from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). As they say, in the wild, only the toughest survive.

But what is so great about ERP that is causing everyone to seek refuge from the likes of a software? Well, for starters, it is a lot more than just a software. ERP is an integrated latticework of functions relevant to all the functional operations of your business, helping you stay on top of all your tasks in this consumer-lead world. It automates all your tasks, creates a logical and sequential pathway for you to operate and navigate your business in, and above all it minimizes the amount of time that could otherwise be wasted in manual dealings for the same tasks.

Prone to high contagion, COVID-19 has forced everyone to station themselves at their homes, availing essentials from the comforts of their couches, only heading out for chores in case of an emergency. So where does ERP come in amidst all this?

Where human interaction has become minimum, consumers have hopped online to either fulfill their everyday needs or to splurge, or in some cases, both. Whereas the ones that do head out want their experience to be as short, convenient and direct as possible. ERP has always been the solution for all these problems, and it is only the current state of the world that has shed a huge spotlight on this amazing technology (paired with the right management consultancy, of course).

ERP creates a centralized database for you to access and benefit from, at any given point of time. Inventory and Stock Levels become easy to manage even from remote locations. Finances become astronomically clearer and easier to manage, whereas staff management as well as order processing become completely automated. Viewing all your SME database electronically, and sending out your orders in a swift agile manner, is also one of the many benefits of ERP. Just a few swipe of your fingers and the impeding struggle that used to be business management becomes a cake walk.

Retail and Restaurant industries around the world are dealing with one of the biggest economic blows, since the last century. Manufacturers, hospitals and schools alike, the pandemic has affected almost every business or public sector known to man.

A competent ERP aids and adapts to any nature of the business, in any type of industry at any state of world situation, providing a tailor-made solution to offset any presented hurdles, adapting to all sorts of ebbs and flows thrown its way. Arure Technologies’ ERP product lineup is an array of competent world-class solutions for all your SME or mega-project needs offering full customizability at your any beck and call. 95% of companies improve their processes, post-ERP implementation.

While COVID-19 has certainly added a disarray and abnormality to the human lifestyle, it also a time for critical thinking, proactive decisions and intelligent investments.

ERP systems can do a lot to help SMEs get their feet off the ground and get back into the competition. If you’re looking for SaaS-based management solutions that you can trust, get in touch with Arure today!

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